Jelena Šantić Biography


The founder of the Group 484, Jelena Šantić, was a ballerina vocalist, but she was one of the most important peace activists in Serbia and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Since 1991, she has been the initiator of many peace demonstrations, numerous networks for the cooperation of non-governmental peacekeepers in the country and the region, and a leader in projects to help refugees and reconciliation among warring parties. She was a member of the Belgrade Circle, she participated in the establishment of the European Movement in Serbia and the Center for Antiwar Action. For her peacekeeping activities, in 1996, Pax Christi International awarded her an annual Peace Prize.

As a prestigious ballet artist, Jelena Šantić played the most important roles in a large number of performances during her highly successful ballet career. She also created choreographies for a large number of drama shows and films. She was a member of CID / UNESCO, Society of Dance History Scholars, ELIA as well as an associate of many international and domestic professional journals. The author of the monograph Dušan Trninić and the book Moj život o Magi Magazinović. Berlin peace activists, as a mark of respect for Jelena’s work, founded a humanitarian organization, Group 485. On their initiative, the park in the Berlin district of Helersdorf, by the decision of the Berlin parliament, received the name “Peace Park Jelena Santic” on the three-year anniversary of her premature death on March 18, 2003. Two years later, the former Neymar park on September 23, 2005 and Belgrade got a park with Jelena’s name, in Vracar, where Jelena lived. 10/18/2016. at the initiative of the Society for beautification of Vračar, a memorial plaque dedicated to Jelena Šantić was erected. The Historical Archives of Belgrade received in 2003 from the family of the document on life and work Jelena Santic. Seventeen Legacy boxes contain personal documents, notebooks, manuscripts and printed material, photographs, posters, prints, anti-government documents, letters, telegrams, video and audio cassettes, Jelena’s personal belongings and others. Material range: 1951-2003. years.

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