Years of Growing


The Foundation “Jelena Santic” was founded by the Group 484 in 2005, with the financial support of a member of its Board of Directors Vojin Dimitrijevic, with the idea of ​​promoting art projects that carry the spirit of those social values, tolerance and peace of mind, which the founders of Group 484 Jelena Šantić (1944-2000) – famous ballerina and peace activist. Today, FJŠ is an independent, non-profit foundation. The new Strategic Plan was developed for the period from 2105 to 2018. Since its inception, the Foundation has, in addition to awarding the award, implemented the following projects: 2012 – “Who Builds a City”, a project to promote public spaces as a public good, with an emphasis on the artistic revival of open and closed spaces in cooperation with Group 484 and the Rex Cultural Center 2012 – “Pictures on the Red Tree” in Berlin, in cooperation with the children’s club “Roter Baum” or “Red Tree” aimed at integrating children – migrants into the community 2012 – activities with children and youth from the Home without parental care “Vera Radivojević” in Bela Crkva are realized. The children from this home open the Children’s October Salon in Belgrade, have previously attended rural primary schools, publicly perform at the Bela Crkva Cultural Center, etc. Since June 2013, programs have been implemented to support children without parental aging. In cooperation with the Dom “Zmaj Jova Jovanovic” in Belgrade, the choir “AprilZMAJun” was formed, which carries out numerous creative workshops, actions and performances.

See the current projects we are implementing here.

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