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The Jelena Šantić Foundation is an independent civil society organization with a developed organizational structure, dedicated and motivated members, and programs that we continuously improve and develop. In the past 5 years, the budget of the Jelena Šantić Foundation has increased by more than 100 thousand US dollars, with the support of numerous donors and partners.

We are proud to proclaim that through our program of donations and the Jelena Šantić Award, we strengthen initiatives to transform communities throughout Serbia through creative interventions. So far, we have mapped 350 initiatives, supported 50 of them from more than 30 communities, worth 80 thousand US dollars. 

Jelena Šantić was fearless and courageous. Her determination, energy and principles are the basic values that we nurture and use in all segments of our work, in our public positioning, and through continuous work to improve the communities in which we work and live.


Do you have a burning issue in your community that needs to be addressed? Are you planning to take to the streets? Missing the answer to how best to organize a street demonstration? Have you formed a group of interested activists who want to work on the realization of public interest? You can find most of the answers to these and other questions in our guide “How to achieve effective street action?”

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