ASSOCIATED AREAS - Affirmation of the reconciliation process in the Western Balkans through the establishment of regional cooperation and the promotion of authentic citizens' initiatives

In the Western Balkans region, we want to unlock the potentials of community leaders to foster social change and shared understanding. We focus on discovering, mapping, and recognizing those driving change in their communities in the Western Balkans that contribute to making our region an area of solidarity, understanding, and tolerance. We move away from the traditional discourse on reconciliation, normalization, and peace-building by supporting and promoting the impact of civic initiatives in all aspects of community life that contribute to the process of not only reconciliation, but coexistence. 


The focus of our operation is on united citizens, who are the drivers of change in their communities. These leaders, while developing their communities, also contribute to the process of reconciliation and coexistence in the Western Balkans. Throughout this field, we use various tools to promote civic activism as well as a shared history and heritage that enhance regional cooperation and contribute to the European integration process. 


Open Applications 

Application for the Regional Jelena Šantić Award