Jelena Šantić Foundation Award

Jelena Šantić Foundation Award: Brave Steps was established to recognize artistic and activist achievements that contain messages of peace, tolerance, understanding, and solidarity—uniting the professional and ethical values of the honorable name it bears. 


Since 2006, it has been awarded biennially in memory of Jelena Šantić with the aim of expanding the support and promotion of activist practices, which Jelena Šantić herself boldly and defiantly implemented during the 1990s. The award consists of triptych “Jelena Šantić”, the work of Goranka Matić, as well as “Krilo” (Wing), the sculptural work of Igor Grubić.


The recipients to date:

  1. Belgrade Dance Festival (Beogradski festival igre)
  2. Free Zone Belgrade (Festival Slobodna zona)
  3. DAH Theatre (Dah Teatar)
  4. Literary Festival “Halfway There” (Književni Festival na pola Puta)
  5. Ivana Milanović, Orchestra Magazine (časopis Orchestra)
  6. Udruženje Elektrika Pančevo
  7. ApsArt Center for Theatre Research
  8. Zoe Gudović
  9. Tim 8, informal association of young architects
  10. UVUU Artists Association (Udruženje Vizuelnih umetnika Užice)
  11. Marijana Cvetković
  12. Tatjana Nikolić


In 2020, the Jelena Šantić Foundation will also award the regional Jelena Šantić Award recognizing women’s collaborative initiatives that contribute to the importance of coexistence and the process of reconciliation in the Western Balkans. 


Open Applications 

Application for the National Jelena Šantić Award   

Application for the Regional Jelena Šantić Award