We aim to broaden the regional dialogue on the topic of women’s contribution to peace building and stability in the Western Balkans region. Bearing in mind that women are marginalized in different processes across the region, we want to make the contribution of female artists, cultural workers, activists and theorists collaborative in the region more visible.

The project is implemented in the form of three panel discussions, one in Prishtina, Sarajevo, and Belgrade; in cooperation with partners Center for Research and Gender Studies from Pristina and the CURE Foundation from Sarajevo. All three panel discussions are organized within the framework of art festivals: FEMART in Prishtina, PITCHVISE in Sarajevo, and BEFEM in Belgrade, with the idea of promoting an unbroken link between activism and cultural practice. With the same intention, in 2020 we decided to award the first Jelena Šantić Regional Award for the bravest women’s regional initiatives.

The project is being implemented with the support of the Western Balkans Fund.

Duration: May 2019 – March 2020