In order to turn citizens to activism and support civic activism in Serbia, together with our partners – National Coalition for Decentralization, CRTA, ORCA and Media and Reform Center Niš, we support local initiatives and ideas that will best benefit the community.

In our “campaign for activism” we want to strengthen the strong links between citizens and civil society organizations, which, we believe, will lead to the successful realization of innovative and concrete ideas. We want to support, throughout these four years, recognizable citizens’ initiatives from all over Serbia, especially those that encourage civic engagement, initiatives led by local activists and implemented through local own knowledge, energy, and engagement. Therefore, we do not want to impose topics, we want to support local topics that citizens themselves think are important. 

Ergo, we are dedicated to this individual – the citizen – and support authentic actions by helping to develop awareness, trust, and a sense of well-being in local communities. Our goal is to build recognition and respect for activism, make it desirable by highlighting positive examples, and thus motivate others to be active in making their environment a better place to live in Serbia.

By developing a system that quickly recognizes and supports innovative ideas across Serbia, we want to connect their initiators to existing organizations/associations with key players in a particular region. We aim to connect them with related CSOs, media, and stakeholders. Initiatives that show commitment, perseverance and expertise can count on our support. Our intention is to create a sustainable model of support for those who would seek to introduce their initiatives in new frameworks of civil society organization and assist them in developing a business model or cross-sector partnership.

Although local communities have enough resources to improve, they must be recognized and put into operation for the benefit of the whole environment. We want to create an involved environment that will know how to recognize and seize opportunities for progress and development.

“Your Place in Serbia” project is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Duration: June 2018 – June 2022