For the first time, the Jelena Santic Foundation has launched a competition for the Best Initiatives Award from the Western Balkans, with the aim of expanding support and promotion of activist practices, which Jelena Santic boldly and definitely implemented in the 1990s.The award is intended for women's collaborative initiatives from the Western Balkans region that have contributed to the fight for human rights, reconciliation, affirmation of women and small groups in social change in the past (2018-2019) with their cultural practices. This initiative should have at least 2 women collectives, individuals (informal groups). It is awarded for an initiative, a collaborative project, festival, research, a public media action or event. The deadline for applications is February 14th, 2020. More information please find on our website. The Award is powered by Western Balkans Fund and conduced in cooperation with Center for Gender Studies and Research from Pristina and Cure Foundation from Sarajevo.


    Name of nominated women's collaborative initiatives:

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    Address and contact of the nominated women's collaborative initiative:

    Links to website, social media (Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo...):


    Name of nominated women's collaborative initiatives:

    Timeframe and venue for the women's collaborative initiatives:

    Justification of your nomination (up to 150 words):
    Please explain briefly why you think the nominated regional women's collaborative initiatives
    should receive the Jelena Santic Award. Please also indicate the name of the proposed initiative
    realized in the last 2 years (2018-2019).

    Description of the nominated formal or informal initiative (up to 750 words):
    Please provide a detailed description of the proposed women's collaborative initiative that you
    believe the nominated women’s initiative should receive within the Jelena Santic Award. List the
    most important activities carried out, the methodology of the initiative itself, the ways they
    managed to involve the local community, the number of citizens involved, etc.

    Results of the nominated women's collaborative initiative (up to 350 words):
    Please provide briefly the most important concrete and measurable results of the proposed
    women's collaborative regional initiative. Give up to 3 examples of positive change in the local
    communities / society.

    Form of action of the nominated formal or informal initiative:ProjectAuthors workFestivalResearchCampaignOther

    Links to additional information about the nominated formal or informal initiative (media
    reports, websites, Fb, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube ...):
    Please provide news, information about the nominated organization / individual in order to gain
    insight into the additional significance of the action / author / event.

    List any other important initiatives, actions, etc. of nominated formal or informal initiative in
    the past two years (up to 150 words):

    The Regional Award is presented by the Jelena Santic Foundation in cooperation with the Cure
    Foundation from Sarajevo and the Center for Research and Gender Studies from Pristina with the
    support of the Western Balkans Fund.